Antelope Heights House has always operated on the belief that as we continually seek God and serve Him that He will provide financially and for whatever needs may arise.  Therefore, we do not appeal for financial support, but are grateful for those that choose to give financially so that we can more freely “...go and make disciples”.

We recognize the abuse that some in our society have with compiling debt through the use of credit cards.  In light of this, we strongly discourage using any credit card that isn’t paid off at least monthly.  We also discourage the use of the automatic monthly contributions as this can lead to giving that is more in the likeness of paying bills rather than an intentional and prayerful giving out of how the Lord has blessed each of us.

Before submitting your donation, please spend some time in prayer, praising the Lord for His blessings, and pray for us as we continue to share God’s Word.
Thank you for your support!!

Automatically tax-exempt as a church under IRS code 501(c)(3). All contributions are tax deductible.