About Us.

Antelope Heights House takes seriously the command to “...go and make disciples” found in Matthew 28:18-20. Therefore, all that we do will focus on growing in our understanding of the Lord and His Way, seeking to live the lifestyle of a follower of Jesus, and sharing the Gospel with others.

As the Church, we maintain allegiance to Jesus as the Head of the Church and seek to be guided by God in all things pertaining to belief and practice found in His Word. The Church is not to be seen as a building or location, but rather a group of people seeking to be the Body of Christ. As followers of Jesus, it is important to meet regularly to encourage one another in our mutual faith.

3 Guiding Principles:

Simple. Practical. Discipleship.
We believe that the Church must be focused on being transformed into fully devoted followers of Jesus, both personally as individuals and corporately as the Body of Christ, with as few hindrances as possible. In everything we do, we seek the simplicity of merely being the Body of Christ.  Therefore, because of the complex nature of many traditional churches and other church models, our desire is not to see how many people can “attend” our get-togethers, but rather focus on the depth and growth of those that desire to know and follow the Lord. To fulfill this we desire to eliminate as many distractions and hindrances we can from compromising the Truth and seek rather on reproducing smaller communities of believers which will actively live out their faith and share the Gospel with those they encounter in their spheres of life. (i.e. neighborhoods, work, marketplace, sports/clubs, etc.)

3 Guiding Passages:

Acts 2:42. Luke 6:12-19. 1 Corinthians 14:26.

Typical Get-Togethers:

-Reading of a Passage of Scripture
-Reading/Studying a Passage of Scripture
-Discussion about the Passage, including lessons and application
-Sharing a Meal